Who We Are

Ever since 2002, our diverse team of architects has worked collectively to develop solutions that meet each client’s individual needs.
The number 109, when spoken in French, one of the three working languages of the office, has a pronunciation similar to sang neuf, or new blood. When Michel Georr and Youssef Mallat established the firm, that concept was at its core. By the time Ibrahim Berberi joined as founding partner in 2003, the firm was building a team of young members who continue to keep the ideas fresh and the energy high. Today, 109architectes collaborates with a reliable team of consultants who continue to push our concepts and innovations. Architecture is perpetually evolving, and the constant flow of new creative blood allows us to evolve with it.
  • Our expertise extends to residential, office, educational and tourism projects. Recent work includes the USJ Campus de L’Innovation et du Sport in Beirut, Lebanon, and plans for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center in Turkey community.
  • #109Beliefs make up our philosophy, and drive the way we interact with our projects, clients and each other

Design Statement

At 109 architectes, context and concept provide the framework for each project’s distinct identity. We work as a collective of architects and external consultants to ensure a constant flow of ideas, pushing boundaries to challenge the status quo. Maintaining the highest standards from concept to execution, we adopt sustainable building practices whenever possible. Our inspired designs come to life when innovation and practicality merge.

Mission Statement

109 architectes is an international design studio skilled in all aspects of designing and planning. Since 2002, our diverse team of architects has worked collectively to develop visionary solutions that meet each client’s individual needs. We prioritize new ideas, functionality, and a superior level of client service. The result is distinctive, practical designs that realize the project intention at the highest international standards.

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