Villa Mario Saradar

Partner in Charge: Michel Georr
Architect in Charge: Nada Assaf
Team: Rani Boustani, Etienne Nassar
Project Description:
A third-generation banker requested significant add-ons to a family villa built in two phases by his father and grandfather. The primary focus is to preserve the villa’s architectural cachet while adding over 3,000 m2 of new living space. 

Moving below ground, guest rooms, an indoor pool, sports facilities, and multipurpose areas find their ideal position, without disrupting the landscape. Private functions become a refuge within a separate volume, its reflective double skin concealing the sanctuary among trees. From the inside, a living space offers a stark contrast in glossy white with smooth, soft lines. A second haven contains a master bedroom and private office with the silhouette of an elevated bamboo hut; immersed in the canopy, it transforms into a sophisticated tree house. 

Rather than compete with the landscape, “camouflage” architecture maintains the villa’s original character.
In collaboration with: Youssef Tohme
Renders: Christophe Hurgon
Location:  Broumana, Lebanon
Client:  Mario Saradar
Project area:  3,800 m2
Year:  2006
Project status:  Preliminary design