Villa Barake

Partner in Charge: Michel Georr
Architect in Charge: Rani Boustani
Team: Emile Khayat
Project Description:
The site for this private villa is treated as a series of strips parallel to its slope. 

The house delineates one entire strip oriented towards the view, while a pool and landscaped spaces differentiate the others. A folding horizontal plane generates the villa’s plateaus and living spaces, consequently defining its walls and roof. Wide reception openings heighten the view, while narrow vertical slots form private sleeping spaces. The villa remains horizontal as the slope passes under, creating visual access across the landscape.
Structural consultant: B.E.T Rodolphe Mattar
Mechanical consultant: Roger Kazopoulo
Electrical consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi
Photos: 109 Architectes
Renders: 109 Architectes
Location:  Ain Saadé, Lebanon
Client:  Walid and Liliane Barake
Project area:  925 m2
Year:  1/1/2005
Project status:  Completed