Villa Abi Hachem

Partner incharge: Youssef Mallat
Team: Walid Absi
Project Description:
A classical Lebanese palace invoked the concept for this contemporary house. 

In the tradition of palace architecture, the structure takes on a u-shape with a central terrace at the first floor. A mix of volumes and freestanding walls define the house’s composition; the configuration of slabs and small voids results in a commanding natural light scheme. At the client’s request, the kitchen is the nucleus of the home. It contributes to the structure’s overallshape as an independent volume resembling a traditional Lebanese house. The open terrace at the house’s center lends asense of abundant space.
Structural consultant: Fouad Maroun
Mechanical consultant: Eugene Zaatar
Electrical consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi
Photos: 109 Architectes
Location:  Ain Jdideh, Lebanon
Client:  Elie Abi Hachem
Project area:  800 m2
Year:  1998
Project status:  Construction on hold