Partners in Charge: Youssef Mallat
Architect in Charge: Sandra Richani
Team: Richard Kassab, Joy Traboulsi, Nada Assaf, Aline Chahine, Antouny Chemaly, Nadine Harake, Samer Bazzy, Layal Aoun, Paulette Matta, Abed Beytamouni, Richard Aoun, Toufic Dagher.
Project Description:
Untouched land is a scarce in Beirut, so a 170,000 m² plot just 15 minutes from the capital is a fitting location for an exclusive, upscale resort. 109 Architectes capitalized on the luxury of space for PDA, proposing a new type of seafront resort where design blends seamlessly with the landscape: a dreamy, field-like plain that negotiates the area between the city, highway and sea.

To simulate the experience of wandering through a field on a summer day, we established pods dispersed across the land, waiting to be discovered. Each has a unique function and is connected by landscaped pathways. The building strategy is simply to frame the view of the sea using unimposing elements: load-bearing stone walls and concrete slabs.

PDA’s facilities include:

 - Seafood restaurant
 - Banquet space
 - Pools
 - Punctures: Jacuzzi lounges, bars, massage room and service facilities
 - Bungalows
 - Hotel
 - Spa

Landscape Architects: Gillespies LLP
Swimming Pools: Aquarius
Electrical Consultant: Fouad Hanna 
Mechanical Consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi
Structural Consultant: Beatec
Traffic Impact Study: Systematica
<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1">Renders: Tony Antoun</o:p>
Location: Damour
Project area: 170000m2
Year: 2013
Project status: On Hold;