Omeira Chalet

Partner in Charge: Ibrahim Berbery, Michel Georr
Architect in Charge: Richard Kassab
Team: Maya Berberi, Lama Trad
Project Description:
Located at the entrance of Faqra Club, this modern three-story structure explores overlapping functional identities within a house.  

A lower, glass-encased living space runs parallel to a sleeping area enveloped in timber and stone, the upper function extending to create a cantilever. An entrance at the top-level sleeping area leads to a linear void created by the lower plane’s living space. Glowing from below the stairs, a low light beckons inhabitants to descend as it gradually increases to reveal internal living spaces. It extends, finally, to a glass partition exposing an outdoor living area as light floods through. The glass door creates a constant visual connection to the natural environment, while the upper extension shades the exterior living space. Together, the terrace and cantilever frame the scene. The result is a house in harmony with nature, regardless of weather or season.
Structural consultant: B.E.T Rodolphe Mattar
Mechanical consultant: Roger Kazopoulo
Electrical consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi
Photos: Greg Demarque
Location:  Faqra, Lebanon
Client:  Ghassan Omeira
Project area:  700 m2
Year:  2008
Project status: Completed;