Le Plan du Lion

Partner in Charge: Youssef Mallat
Team: Michel Yazigi, Rania Sassine, Rani Boustani, Emile Khayat, Naja Chidiac, Richard Kassab
Photos: Cedric Ghsoub
Renders: 109 Architectes
Project Description:
At the client’s request, this series of chalets in the Ouyoun el Simane Kfardebian Mountains is fashioned after typical Swiss mountain villages, and built using traditional Swiss construction methods. 109 Architectes conducted research in Switzerland and worked with new materials and construction systems rarely used in Lebanon to guarantee the project’s authenticity. Coordinating the importation of white pine, and directing several multinational construction specialists, the practice took on all aspects of client services from conception to delivery.

Transitioning from a public space to a distinctively private division, the front of the complex includes a small hotel, a Swiss restaurant, and a pool. The main road narrows as it reaches seven residential chalets in a Swiss neighborhood layout, modified to the morphology of the land.  The project was designed with the intention of adding more houses to the site over time; future construction will not disturb the view or privacy of the complex’s existing chalets.

Set high in the mountains, the private homes in this program meet Swiss standards for material and construction.  But rather than a literal interpretation of the traditional design, the chalets are adapted to meet modern Lebanese demands. A warmer climate allows for large windows with a stunning view of the Kesrouane Mountains, accentuating the natural backdrop. The primary distinction between houses lies in the way the pitched roof is employed to define each design.

Chalet MM
The two upper stories of this three-story chalet share a pitched roof at a central void, which connects to the main elevation with a double-height opening.  All functions are laid out around the void, sharing the primary view of the landscape.
Built-up area: 300 m2

Chalet MS
Just as with the MM chalet, an internal void connects two levels under a pitched roof.  But rather than opening to the road, the void breathes life into the structure from within, with the privilege of the view going to the master bedroom at the upper level.
Built-up area: 390 m2

Chalet MM1 - MM2
The smallest chalets, these identical homes have just two stories.  The roof in each house is reserved for bedrooms and a family room, preserving the warmth of the wood for personal spaces.  Connecting to surrounding gardens, the lower level acts as a reception area.  Due to the rapid construction required by the owners, no excavation was carried out to accommodate basements in either structure.
Built-up area: 510 m2

Chalet MMS
These pitched-roof, semi-detached chalets are constructed for two sisters.  Both homes share a contemporary design, one a mix of rustic stone and ornamental wood treatments.  The other takes the concept further with an open-plan space and mezzanine overlooking the lower floor, and exposed timber framework for a minimalist aesthetic.  
Built-up area: 550 m2

Chalet MK
This chalet’s pitched roof is devoted completely to a third floor, loft-style space that encompasses the reception area and master bedroom.  Two lower stories serve more private functions.
Built-up area: 480 m2

Chalet CJM
A pitched roof is shared by two families in these semi-detached chalets. 
Built-up area: 450 m2

Montagnou Restaurant
Integrated into the hillside, this two-story restaurant is accessed through an entrance on the upper level, an open balcony set above the ground floor dining area. With the entire space revealed, the entry is a point of discovery confronted by a staircase leading below.The lower level connects by a large opening to a terrace facing the mountain view, which link to an infinity pool and landscaped grounds.
Fact Sheet:
Client: Le Plan du Lion s.a.r.l.
Built-up area: 1,230 m2

Gio Hotel
A subsurface lounge serves as a private lobby for this nine-room boutique hotel.  Warm and inviting, the intimate space is illuminated by natural light from an opening in the ceiling. The calm colors and furniture that characterize the space were chosen by the firm to complement the hotel’s unpretentious design.

Structural consultant: B.E.T. Rodolphe Mattar
Mechanical consultant : Roger Kazopoulo
Electrical consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi 

Fact sheet:
Client: Le Plan du Lion s.a.r.l.
Built-up area: 950 m2
Location: Ouyoun el Simane, Lebanon
Client:  Le Plan du Lion s.a.r.l.
Project area:  5,000 m2
Year:  2002-2011
Project status:  Completed