Guggenheim Helsinki

Partners in Charge: Youssef Mallat
Architect in Charge: Joy Trabouls
Team: Nadine Harake, Samer Bazzy, Layal Aoun, Sandra Richani
Project Description:
The Inception

Our proposal builds on two main criteria: The multiple narratives and mythology that shape the history and identity of a nation, and the existing urban fabric.
The mythologies relates the nation to its atmosphere.  Can we build on this by respecting the sky to ground relationship? Can the Guggenheim become an apparatus into a contemporary sacred affiliation between light, sun, moon, sea, ground, and culture?
The site, a fragile setting, is located in between all these elements. Neither an extension of the sea, the city or the park behind it, the site seems to stand still in silence under the sky.
The museum inserts itself, as a floating gate within an apparatus. It acts as a public agent of cultural and spatial diplomacy producing a unique moment in the history of Helsinki, where pasts, narratives, the present and the future merge to create a spatial inception.  

Renders: Tony Antoun
Location: Helsinki
Client: Guggenheim
Project area: 12100m2
Year: 2014
Project status: Competition;