Golden Tower

Partner in charge: Michel Georr
Team: Richard Kassab, Aline Chahine, Philippe Kechichian
Project Description:
Set on a seafront location overlooking the picturesque Lattakia Corniche, two adjacent structures rise from one platform to create this mixed-use building. 

To underscore its functions – commercial and residential – the structures take on individual shapes. The first, constructed in sleek black stone, is a vertical residential tower of duplex apartments. A corresponding office building has a triangular elevation, its vertical shape imposed by regulatory constraints. In contrasting white and glass, the structure’s stacked horizontal planes distort the building’s scale while acting as sun shields. Two distinct entities, the blocks couple to form a unified, multi-purpose project.
Renders: 109 Architectes
Location:  Lattakia, Syria
Client:  Kaddour Group
Project area:  12,400 m2
Year:  2009
Project status:  Preliminary design