Gemmayzeh Village

Partner in Charge: Michel Georr
Team: Emile khayat, Rani Boustani
Project Description:
A competition in an area characterized by 20th century architecture, this high-rise apartment complex is considered on two scales: the tower as a landmark to the city, and low-rise structures integrated to the scale of the street. 

The two towers, over 100m high, are visible from viewpoints across Beirut. At street level, however, clusters of low-rise structures obscure their volume, effectively integrating the complex into the historic neighborhood. They are absorbed into the urban tissue through connecting streets and alleys, easily accessed by pedestrians and cars. 

The towers are wrapped in a perforated Moucharabieh-style metal skin that stretches along the elevation and gradually disappears into the sky. Its latticework design provides an ideal environment for vegetation at any level. A fluid façade allows for interior flexibility; apartment sizes can be adjusted to meet market demands.
In collaboration with Youssef Tohme and Archika
Structural consultant: B.E.T. Rodolphe Mattar
Mechanical consultant: Barbanel
Electrical consultant: Barbanel
Renders: Christophe Hurgen
Location:  Beirut, Lebanon
Client:  CGI s.a.r.l.
Project area:  90,000 m2
Year:  2006
Project status: Competition;Competition Finalist;