Fidar Housing Complex

Partner in Charge: Youssef Mallat
Architect in Charge: Richard Kassab
Team: Joy Traboulsi, Ali Asad
Project Description:
“The question of the fragment in architecture is very important since it may be that only ruins express a fact completely.” - Aldo Rossi

An 11th century tower provides the context for a series of detached seaside villas. The tower’s proportions are replicated in nine unique residences, each carefully positioned to maximize the seascape. At the house’s interior, three stories are divided into functional semi-levels connected by a staircase. The voids produced between each semi-level create a cohesive living space. 

At the exterior, a clean, cubical design and simple white finish emphasize the dramatic backdrop. Cut out window openings overlook the natural scenery, their placement varying with each residence to illuminate a customized view.  With a series of shutters, the houses independently break down and fold shut with the seasons – a scheme in constant flux, anchored by the thousand-year-old landmark.
Renders: Ziad Abi Karam
Location:  Fidar, Byblos, Lebanon
Client:  BREI s.a.l.
Project area:  4,000 m2
Year:  2010
Project status:  Concept design