Partner in Charge:
Youssef Mallat
Architect in Charge: Joy Traboulsi

Project Description:

Already home to an eponymous ski resort, the village of Kfardebiane was the ideal location for a mountainside chalet that would honor its snowy surroundings. Appearing as one continuous form clad in zinc, the house is a practical, geometric response to its natural environment: lateral sides that slant outward to meet a pitched roof at its edge. The slanted walls are a safeguard against local weather conditions that often lead to water damage.

Our client wanted a warm yet minimalist home that would dignify the harsh climate and respect a limited budget. The project was conceived as an efficient box made of low-maintenance and weather-resistant material, sheltering a cozy yet spacious interior. That interior features a reception room, three bedrooms, a family room and a dining room with an open kitchen. Oriented north/south on an elongated plot, the home’s openings underscore an impressive view of the surrounding mountains and the Chabrouh Dam.

The interior was inspired by a luxury timepiece whose mechanics are visible to the wearer. The structure is authentic, true to itself, and its functionality is evident from inside the home and out. Stairs and voids establish communication between floors, bringing life to the thoughtfully humble chalet.

Texture and material drove the project. The pitched roof is made of structural wood, and the interior walls are finished in concrete; the floor incorporates both. It is a study in warm and cold, rough and smooth, unified within a zinc exterior — and settled comfortably into mountains that evolve with the seasons.


Structural consultant: P.A.R Consultants

Mechanical consultant: Fouad Hanna & Associates 

Electrical consultant: Gilbert Tambourgi & Partners 



Location: Kfardebiane
Project area: 350m2
Year: 2017
Project status: Under Construction;