Deir Koubel Gate

Partner in Charge: Youssef Mallat
Architect in Charge: Nada Assaf
Team: Joy Traboulsi, Aline Chahine, Richard Kassab
Renders: Ziad Abi Karam
Project Description:
On a green plot overlooking the sea, this series of 42 residential villas was influenced by iconic stone monuments: Stonehenge and Easter Island, and local rock formations in Faraya.
Deir Koubel Gate was an inspired response to the area’s challenging development regulations. Like individual monoliths that form a monumental whole, the project is comprised of twin villas that make up one comprehensive gated community. This approach also answered the client’s demand for an escape from the density and conformity of city life, just outside Beirut. 

Despite a minimum distance requirement between villas, the development is laid out in a way that blurs the number of homes. Each block consists of two coupled residences, but their strategic fragmentation breaks the scale; determining just how many exist on the plot is nearly impossible from the outside.

Each villa is three levels with a vertical circulation that forms voids as the stories connect. The footprint of each level varies according to its function; from the outside, the stacked levels give the volume its irregular, slanted shape. Openings are positioned to favor the view, adding to the individualized details that strengthen each home’s independence. Private gardens at every residence heighten the tranquil, suburban atmosphere.

Environmental concerns were fundamental to the project’s design. The community’s internal road is intended as a green promenade, integrated into the slope of the site to minimize its impact on the surrounding land. Rather than traditional asphalt, the road made from a sustainable alternative. Tree-lined sidewalks and bike lanes accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, while a recreation club, pool and playground are spread between trees in a center plot. This common park is the lung of the project, breathing life into the community.
Location:  Deir Koubel, Lebanon
Project area:  15,118m2
Year:  2010-2011
Project status:  In progress