In 2007, Richard Kassab became a vital part of 109 Architectes’ design team and is now the firm’s youngest partner. His contributions to concept, design, and execution were essential to the firm’s award-winning Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center and Piscine Olympique in Algeria.

In addition to his work on large scale concept designs like Zaarour Club and Fidar Housing Complex, Richard was the architect in charge of execution for two projects in the traditional Swiss style: a boutique hotel in Kfardebian and four private chalets in Faqra. He oversaw the implementation of Swiss methods, coordinating with Swiss engineers and local contractors on artisanal design and construction. Richard was key in introducing material and construction systems new to Lebanon.

Richard completed a communications workshop at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design in 2011. He puts that experience to good use as unofficial communications manager for the firm, overseeing all public relations and marketing outreach.

Graduating with a master's degree in Architecture from Université Saint-Esprit Kaslik, Richard later held positions at Imad Gemayel Architect and Shobily Group.

Richard Kassab


1990: At age 10 decides he will be an architect so he can live in a house he designs

2007: Joins 109 Architectes

2011: Becomes the youngest partner at 109 Architectes

2011: Completes a communications workshop at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design

2013: Lives out his childhood fantasy by designing a home for his family in the town he was born