Since 2008, Joy-Chakib Traboulsi has successfully balanced development and design on some of 109 Architects’ more challenging projects. Two highlights of his work with the firm include development of the Jabal Omar Development Project and design of a typical Swiss chalet in a modern interpretation.

His previous experience extends to design, interior design, and execution in positions at Shobily Group, Traboulsi Atelier in association with Tabet Group, and Bureau Yazigi-Sfeir. Joy earned a master’s degree in urban planning and a master's degree in Architecture from the Lebanese University before beginning his career.

Accomplished in both architecture and urban design, Joy says the completion of a United Nations Development Program project in 2004 is one of his proudest moments. Participating in the renovation of five historic Lebanese cities, he contributed urban planning expertise to the development of his country.

Joy Traboulsi
Senior Architect


1979: Became an explorer when he entered the world a curious baby

2003: Became a dreamer when he earned an architecture degree from The Lebanese University

2005: Became an adventurer when he earned an urban planning degree from The Lebanese University

2009: Became a philosopher when he took a marriage vow

2011: Became a teacher when his daughter entered the world